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A Sew Fun Class

Sewing Machine

Spring 2020

Time: 12:30 - 2pm

Age: Scholars. Younger students considered if they are able to follow instructions

Mentor: Nichole Cook

Class Fee: $15

Class Description:

This is a sewing class for all levels from beginner to advance. The beginners will be learning all about the basics by hands on learning and making of new projects. They will learn what a sewing machine does and how to use it. They will be making a couple of projects they can use and be proud of. They will gain confidence in their skills and creativity. The advance sewers, who already have knowledge of basic sewing and how to use a sewing machine will have a great time learning more advanced techniques like how to sew clothing and bigger projects. I will still review how to use a sewing machine but in a shorter lesson. The advance sewers have more room to sew what they want. I have a vast knowledge in both quilting, and clothing making. So they will be able to use their creative juices to sew what they really want to sew. I also hope to have both the beginners and advanced sewers create a project that we can give to somebody in the community, to show them that we can enrich the lives of those around us with sewing.

Required Materials NOT included in class fees: Some fabric will need to be purchased based on what projects each sewer chooses to do.

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