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Child's Pose

Gentle Yoga

Fall 2019

Time -  11am - 12pm

every other week

Class Fee - 

Mentor - Ron Skorupa

 Class Description - 

This yoga class is a gentle form of traditional yoga based on “Integral Yoga Hatha”, brought to America by Swami Satchitananda in the 1960’s, and which I was trained in, in 1995。It’ll consist of three parts: yoga postures (asanas), deep relaxation and breathing exercises.  The focus will be on having a healthy spine, the breath (prana) and the release of stress. 
Scholars are welcome, but, based on my experience, they may find it too easy and the deep relaxation part too long.
Participants need to wear loose, non-binding clothing and bring either a yoga mat, a blanket or a beach towel to do the asanas on.

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