Image by Jamie Street

F  - Faith, Fitness, & Food


Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
(Time may be subject to change)

Ages: Mature 11 year-olds +

Class Fee: $15

Mentor: Nikki Sair

Image by Aziz Acharki

Class Description:

Having any one of these - faith, fitness, and good food in your life is awesome. But, when you put them all together, the results multiply exponentially. This supports a healing state in which a person can thrive, not just survive. In this class, we will explore and learn about each one of these through songs, scriptures, great questions, stories, workouts, journaling and/or drawing, coloring, snacks, guest speakers, and many more hands-on and discussion-oriented activities. We will make weekly goals and support each other in attaining those goals. Wear loose clothing that enables you to move easily....and prepare to be invigorated!! Loosely based on the Reignite Program by Michelle Spadafora, Founder of Faithful Workouts
Max class size: 10