Image by Markus Spiske

Land of the Free

Time: 8:45 - 10:45

Ages: 14 and older

Class Fee: $60 which includes:

student manual, observation notebook,

field trips, and service projects.

Mentors: Audrey Iverson and 

Brittany Oler

Kids with Calf

Class Description:

This class will focus on learning the characteristics of a farmer and applying those principles to one’s life. We have incredible books to read; observations to be made. We will have a field trip every month, which will be focused on the different principles we learn. It will be fascinating to discuss with different people their passions, values, and experiences. There will also be many hands-on activities associated with farming. This class will teach you to think outside the box of our culture and world today. 
Max class size: 10

Core values and principles that will be taught are perseverance, gratitude, and joy. Hard work will be shown to be very satisfying and helps build self-esteem. As things change and happen in our lives we need to be flexible and adaptable and be able to feel secure and comfortable in knowing one can figure out a way to accomplish goals.

Required materials NOT included in class fees: 

9 books, which a list will be emailed to all students. 6 movies are required, of which 2 we will watch together. For the harvest dinner the student will need to contribute a favorite food. The students garden project and entrepreneur project will be funded by the student. Possibly a few inexpensive contributions to our soil activities.