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Time: 8:45 - 10:45

Age: 11+


Class Fee: $55 Spring semester


Mentors: Nikki Sair and Dani Sair

Class description:

Ignite is a super fun class where students are introduced to many engaging ideas that are intended to spark their curiosity and light the fire of the scholar that is within them. It is the mentor’s privilege to make this class exciting and active, and we are really looking forward to all the fun we have planned!! 


There are certain concepts that we as mentors want to weave into this class each week:

- that learning is super cool 

- an understanding of Fixed vs. Growth Mindset and to help you foster a Growth Mindset 

- that students really can do hard things 

- that the teen years are wide open to learn anything and everything you want 

- to gain skills to help facilitate that learning 

- to foster the love of learning that will propel you in your pursuits 

- to foster kindness and friendships with each other


The year is divided into 5 units that are 5-7 weeks long. The five Units for the year are: 

We Are All Wonders! 

Shakespeare Adventure! 

Geography Wiz! 

Young Entrepreneurs! 

Clue Finders! 


Ignite is geared towards youth in their tweens, typically age 11-13. It is a two hour class held once a week. In our homeschool commonwealth, our first semester has 14 weeks, and our second semester has 16 weeks. Units 1 & 2 are taught first semester, and Units 3, 4, & 5 are taught second semester. 


There will be one writing journal per semester- “Just Me and My Thoughts” for Fall and “Me, My Thoughts, and I” for Spring.


Each unit will end with a reward activity for all class members, to celebrate the growth and learning that has occurred.



Unit 1: “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio 

Unit 2: “The Wednesday Wars” by Gary D. Schmidt 

Unit 3: “The Twenty-One Balloons” by William Pene du Bois 

Unit 4: “Henry Reed, Inc.” by Keith Robertson 

Unit 5: “The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton” by Nancy Carpenter Brown


$55 for Spring Semester: Includes in-class activities, binder pages, journals, and all class rewards (there are a bunch!).


STUDENTS PROVIDE: An empty 3-ring binder, a pencil pouch, pencils, a highlighter, 5 divider tabs, sheet protectors, a trifold display board, and the 5 books we will read.

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