Key of Liberty

Time- 10:45-12:45

Age- 12+

Class Fee: $55

Mentors- Ron Skorupa and Brittany Oler

Max class size: 12

Class Description:
This class explores the American Revolutionary Period. Join us as we learn about public virtue, leadership, and statesmanship of the Founding Fathers and Georgic communities. They debated, created, and implemented freedom-inspired documents and took action based on natural law. We will also examine ideas of war, pestilence, loyalty, personal/family choices, purpose of government, traits of heroes, and other relevant topics of today through classics, debate, presentations, simulations, writings, lectures, and discussion.
If you are passionate about freedom, want to know more about the principles of freedom, and are inspired to promote and apply freedom principles, this class is for you!!! You were born for such a time as this.... The first semester focuses on the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War. The second semester focuses on the Constitution and founding of our nation.
"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery". Thomas Jefferson


Required materials that are NOT included in the class fee:

Key of Liberty binder $22.00 - Purchased through LEMI:

More info:

1st Semester – Declaration of Independence 

Earn an Independence Hall KEY and a REWARD TRIP (trip in February to Utah Capitol during 2021 legislature session & Hang Time – contingent upon economic/political accessibility) for 1st semester, by completing these requirements: 

1. Read the Mayflower Compact
2. Watch 1 video that your teacher recommends (you will have 

3. Read 4 books and discuss them in class: 

        1. Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang 2. The Landing of the Pilgrims by James Daugherty 3. John Adams by Janet & Geoff Benge 4.            Being George Washington by Glenn Beck (or) George Washington, True Patriot by Janet & Geoff Benge

4. Memorize and recite The Declaration of Independence  - Excluding the 27 injuries of the king -

5. Give a presentation in class on a topic from the colonial time period

6. Fulfill the requirements for the United States Heritage Award (we’ll complete in class)

7. Complete 7 or more of the writing assignments

8. Memorize the 10 Commandments or 5 of the Founding Leaders’ quotes

9. Memorize and be able to place the 13 Colonies on a map. 

2nd Semester – Constitution 

EARN: RIBBONS for KEY & day trip to COWABUNGA BAY - Las Vegas (Again, reward trip is contingent upon favorable economic/political circumstances) by completing these requirements: 

1. Memorize the Preamble of the Constitution

2. Watch these movies: 

        1. Mr. Smith goes to Washington 2. A More Perfect Union

3. Read and understand the Constitution 

     Pass off quizzes on Articles, Sections, Clauses, and Amendments

4. Write a 2-4 page Hero report

5. Read the following books and documents and discuss them: (Books subject to change) 

         1. Freedom Factor by Gerald Lund 2. Fifty-five Fathers by Selma R. Williams 3. The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz

          4. The Proper Role of Government by Ezra Taft Benson (or) The Law by Frederick Bastiat 

6. Complete 7 or more of the required writing assignments

7. Read George Washington ‘s Farewell Address (abridged version) – Complete vocabulary list

8. Memorize 5 scriptures and 5 additional references from your own list

9. Be prepared to participate in the end of class simulation (possible Constitution Bowl with other 

local commonwealths) 

Above and Beyond Reward: Gift Certificate 

1. Read 2 extra books/semester – to be approved by mentor

2. Watch 1 extra movie

3. Write ALL of the writing assignments 

If you have any questions or concerns about class, requirements, reward trips, or other....please contact either Ron Skorupa @ 415.246.8153 or Nikki Sair @ 435.236.9635. 

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