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Image by Austin Schmid

Launch... Into Wonder!

Fall and Spring 2020 - 2021

Time: 10:45- 12:15


Ages: 8 - 11

Mentor: D.D. Black

Class Description: 
Come launch into a wonder-filled world of learning this year, as we soar through 5 units of wonder:

Unit 1: We Are All Wonders! *We are all wonderfully made - Wonder and beauty in each of us *Wonder of learning - Our brains & minds, our hearts & emotions, our choices & actions *Growth mindset


Unit 2: Our Wonderful Land of Liberty! *Pilgrims - A Land of Covenant & Promise *Declaration of Independence and Our Founding Fathers *The Wonder of Our Constitution, a Republic and Free Enterprise


Unit 3: Our World is Full of Wonder! *Whole World in His Hands - Wonder & beauty all around us *World Geology & Geography *Navigation fun!


Unit 4: Wonder in Action: Being Builders! *Nehemiah & rebuilding city walls - This generation *Entrepreneurialism, service, consumers vs. producers *"See a need, fill a need" creations!


Unit 5: Discovering More Wonder: Clue Finders! *Stop, look, listen...and think! Making connections. *Ciphers, codes, pattern recognition fun! *Problem solving adventures!


This is a year-long, two semester class. Each unit 5 weeks in length. We will be using the fun "Just Me & My Thoughts" journal in this class throughout the year. Each week we will jump into hands-on-learning of each wonder-filled topic, as we create fun (& sometimes messy!) projects, overcome obstacles & meet challenges, & grow in our love for truth, the wonder all around us & for one another. Come join the fun!

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