Little Explorers


Time: 8:45 - 10:45


Age: 5-8 yrs.


Class Fee: $15



Class Description: 

Our little explorers will traverse the world around them through projects, books, crafts and activities that will increase understanding and help them develop a curiosity and love of learning. This class will offer a fun, stimulating, supportive environment for young explorers as they delve into science, history, math, etc. 

Class format:

Our fall semester will have 10 weeks that include three 3 week units and one Jr Jam day. Each of the 3 week units will be taught by a parent mentor. The two hour class will typically include a small lesson, a project/craft, an activity, books, and a snack.


Our spring semester will be similar, except with 15 weeks. 

Class Cost:

$15 per semester which covers activity and craft supplies and snacks.