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Love of Learning


Time: 8:45 - 10:45


Age:  6 - 12


Class Fee: $5



Class Description: The class accomplishes goals through project based learning, discussion, journaling, acting, asking questions, and researching answers. Best if they can read or have a individual desire to learn so. They will also do one “I Wonder” each semester. Which means they ask a question, research the answer on their own, and present to the class. We will be reading and writing together. It’s okay if they are still developing these skills since we can accomplish this at varying levels all together. This years class theme is Alma 37:6” small and simple things are great things brought to pass” We will discover how small means bring great discoveries, historical events, and build creations.

Love Of Learning is a naturally curious phase where a student naturally wants to learn, ask questions, and discover. This may look like many interests that quickly fizzle out, asking a lot of questions, trying new harder things even if only for a time. Usually beginning around age 6-8 ending around 10-12. The role of a mentor is to Nurture the natural Love of Learning that happens. We focus on the process and strategy of learning rather than the memorization of facts. We nurture confidence and an ability to uncover truth.

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