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Medieval Castle

Lords and Ladies of Liberty


Time: 8:45 -10:45

Age: 9-11


Class Fee: $15


Lead Mentor: Diann Ruesch




Class Description:

Each week we will learn about a different value. Mentors will have the option of which value they would like to teach and will select books, inspiring examples, and activities to help teach those values. We hope to have a culminating reward day the last day where kids will get to make cardboard swords, shields, flower crowns, learn fun dances, and show off their personal crest.


Value ideas come from Value Tale books and include: Adventure, Facing a challenge, Saving, Imagination, Foresight, Kindness, Creativity, Boldness, Positive Attitude, Understanding, Dedication, Leadership, Charity, Courage, Believing in Yourself, Determination, Helping, Respect, Friendship, Fairness, Giving, Humility, Patience, Honesty, Tenacity, Love, Discipline, Responsibility, Curiosity, Caring, Overcoming Adversity, Dignity, Sharing, Humor, Conviction, Compassion, Commitment, Optimism, Fantasy, Truth and Trust, Learning, and Laughter.

Class format:

This class will have a different value taught for each week through both semesters.  The two hour class will have lessons, presentations, activities, books and crafts based on the individual value being taught. 


Class Cost:

$15 per semester which covers activity and craft supplies and snacks.

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