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Our Wonderful HVC Chairman: 

Diann Ruesch


Diann is a mother of 8 beautiful kids ranging from ages 17 yrs. to 1 yr. old. She has had the blessing of homeschooling all of these amazing kids from the start, but has only recently been involved in TJED and HVC for the past 5 years. She feels it has been full of awesome life learning experiences and growing opportunities. Among her many interests and talents, music is one of her greatest passions. She loves to sing and play/teach piano. She also loves learning about different cultures and hopes to someday travel the world, always learning new things, studying the arts, and being of service to others. 

Our Vice Chair Extraordinaire:

Kenna Seegmiller


Our Amazing Parent Mentor:

Kaylee Heninger 

"I am the mom to 3 amazing children, and we've been homeschooling for 11 years now. I am passionate about reading, painting, theatre, and the beach. I love being part of HVC, and collaborating with other amazing families!"


Our Fabulous Principle Mentor:

Becky Doughty

Becky is the wife of Steven Doughty and the mother of five precocious children. She loves to read, swim, read, hold gatherings at her home, ballroom dance,  read, cook healthy food, read, and be with her family. When she's not chasing her very active seven-year-old, you can find her nestled in some corner with her favorite book. Her current goals include: being NICE, making her home at house of learning and a house of God, and… did I mention being NICE??

She is so thrilled to be part of the Commonwealth again this year to associate with all of her VERY favorite people: the parents and children of the Hurricane Valley Commonwealth!


Our Superb Secretary:

Mellissa Melville

"Wife to Adam, mother of five, collector of hobbies. I've been homeschooling for seven years and part of HVC since it started. I love this community and feel blessed to be part of it! My passions include books, nature, and art in all of its forms."


Our Excellent Treasurer:
Ron Skorupa

"Married to a wonderful lady, Dora, whose passion is gardening and who loves to cook, and father of a wonderful daughter, Rachael Mei, who has been the best teacher I've ever had. I love to read, learn new things and putter around in the garage working with wood. I served three years in the Marine Corps and three and a half years in the Army, and have worked a bunch of different jobs. I've been blessed with some amazing mentors in my life and desire to be able to encourage others to learn and grow." 


Our Magnificent Junior Director:
Sarah Wolfe

Sarah is the wife of Danny Wolfe and mother of 4. Their children range in age from 19 yo. (and already married) to 6 yo.

Sarah has been homeschooling for several years but just found TJED last year. She also works out side of the home as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  So homeschooling during the day and working in the evenings keeps her very busy. "I am grateful to have found TJED and HVC" 

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