TJEd Foundations and the Well-Educated Mother's Heart

Time: 10:50 - 12:10

Mentor: Becky Doughty and Mellissa Melville

Class Fee: $13

Class Description:
Our parent class this year will have a threefold mission: 
Helping new members gain a vision of the TJEd method, fostering community between our new and veteran mothers, and encouraging our mother hearts using the Well Educated Heart 'mother's university'.  

We will be studying the foundational principles of a Thomas Jefferson education and learning how to maximize their implementation and application in your life, as well as in your homeschool.   We will be basing our studies off the books:  A Thomas Jefferson Education, The Phases of Learning, and Hero Education. It is ideal but not required to have a copy of each of these for study during the semester. This semester, we are combining into a single class, new and veteran families alike. This will be a great chance to strengthen our friendships, review the basics, participate in great discussions, and learn from each other. 

On alternating weeks we will delve into the WEH principles of heart-based learning, which fit wonderfully under the TJEd umbrella.  


All new members who have not previously participated in a Foundations class are required to participate (as detailed in our Policies and Procedures).  Those who have previously done Foundations are not required, but are strongly encouraged and desired to attend.  


Recommended but Not Required Books:  A Thomas Jefferson Education, The Phases of Learning, Hero Education

All of the Mother's University materials are available to read for free online or as downloadable PDFs.
There is also an app availabe for android and iphone, you can find it by searching for WEH in your app store.