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Quest I & II

Fall/Spring 2016-17

Time: Wednesdays  9:00 - 11:00 am

Mentors: Brenda Haws, Kristal Beckstrand, Bonita Sutton, and Becky Doughty

Prerequisites: Key of Liberty or 14 years old.

Class fee: $45/semester

Content: Statesmen and Leaders, History, Writing, Leadership

Vision: I love statesmanship and I see myself as a statesman; I understand the Scholar Phase Continuum; I am preparing for self-directed scholar phase.

Mission: Now is the time for me to prepare for my personal mission; I am beginning to find my voice and share it with others through my writing and speaking; I choose classics and projects that connect with my mission.

Abilities: I begin with the end in mind; I create systems and habits to accomplish my vision; as I study statesmen, I know when to use resonance or dissonance; I emulate the six characteristics of statesmen; I use the six keys to personal influence to help others.

Skills: I grow my capacity to: read, write, speak, and think; I can logically structure arguments and use proofs; I can submit to the right mentors.

Helen Keller once said, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing! " All ye brave Apprentice Scholars, come join us in our DARING ADVENTURES this year as we explore new academic horizons in our QUEST class! Together we will be discovering new truths, asking important questions, and learning how to write in such a way that we will have IMPACT. In this wonderful class we will also have life-changing lectures, scintillating simulations, marvelous mentors, beautiful biographies, deep discussions and much, MUCH more to help us on our journey of dramatic discovery.

During the first semester, each month there will be: 

Two hour lecture

One document study

Three books (Two biographies and one classic book)

Two essay papers from their biographies

One Colloquium on the classic book 

You can expect your student to study 4-5 hours a day for this class.

1st Semester Book list: 

  Classic books

The student will also be required to read one or more biographies on each of the following statesmen in order to prepare for the document studies and writing their essay papers:



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