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Stained Glass

The Rebirth and Enlightenment

Time - 10:45 - 12:45

Age - 11 - 14


Class Fee - $40


Mentors - Tirsa Stewart and Brittany Oler

Class Description: 
A critical bridge from the Middle Ages to the Restoration! Get to know Dante, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Galileo, Tyndale, Newton, Locke and more! These extraordinary people, and many others, produced a mass of what we now define as classics and shaped modern thought. Through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Reformation, you will come to find your inner artist, scientist, philosopher and saint. Your time at home will be spent on the lighter work of the class, including watching movies and documentaries, reading some historical fiction, and choosing what interests you to share with the class. We'll do our writing in class and break into the classics together. Expect to try your hand at EVERYTHING in new and fun ways. Become a true Renaissance Man or Woman ;)

Required materials that are NOT included in the class fee:
8 books that you will read at home

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