Say What You Want to Say

(In Conjunction with DLA)

Time-  WEDNESDAY 9-12

Age- 15+

Class Fee: TBA

Mentors- Brenda Haws, D.D. Black, Aimee Cox, Joelle Taylor


Prerequisites: Must be at least 15 years old, and receive approval from mentors

Class Description:   

"Say what you want to say!": A writing class to match your mission. 


Combining Oliver Demille's "Hero Education" with in-depth writing instruction & hands-on learning experiences, to more fully & effectively prepare & equip our scholars with what it takes to truly "say what they need to say" -  now as they step into Quest, and in times to come.


*This class will fill the first semester of the year (plan on approximately 13 out of class hours per week), followed by Quest 1 (which is a minimum of 20 out of class hours) for those wanting to continue the rest of the year with us. 


Why this change to Quest?


It has become increasingly more apparent over the years, that many of the scholars have struggled with the big jump asked of them with the writing, but also the reading, when they come into Quest. This has resulted in many youth giving up or "throwing in the towel" prematurely, while dedicated mentors looked on, not knowing what more could be done to help. As we have looked at this more closely, it is clear there is a gap in more effectively & fully preparing these amazing youth for all that they are being asked to step up to in Quest. 


In light of this, & our desire to truly help prepare our youth to be more successful in their Quest & personal goals, we as a mentor team this year felt very inspired to incorporate a much greater amount of writing instruction & fun, hands-on learning of all the different writing elements! Also, in seeing how the profound scholar development proceeds in the focused pattern of "read, write, discuss" that Oliver Demille lays out so clearly in his book: "Hero Education", we knew incorporating this could be profoundly supportive in our efforts & goals to truly prepare our scholars & fill this gap. 


In looking at all that we wanted & needed to incorporate in this class to make it the best we could for these youth, it was clear we needed to make it a full semester class of it's own. This way, "Quest" becomes more of a full 2 year project, rather than just 3 semesters, with a scholar much more prepared to succeed at each level, & in all they will be called up to fulfill in their futures.


AND, some incredible "remember for your whole life" experiences we want to share with you!


Although we know the content, learning experiences & life-long friendships gained from this class are amazing enough, we also have two "bless-your-whole-life" trips planned for those willing & ready to step up & into this class:


First, the "kickoff" reward trip to San Diego in mid August. (A series of writing assignments completed on time, will get you your seat in the van to go with us to this beautiful area & to participate in the awesome service opportunities we get to be a part of while we are there. More details to follow soon!)


And, we are going to GUATEMALA in May 2019!!! We are connecting with the people at for a week long life-changing experience, for those that have or will be taking Quest this year. We can't wait for you to join & work with us along side the beautiful Guatemalan people!!! (More details to follow on this as well.)


 So, here is the plan...


The first semester is going to be an in-depth, hands-on-learning, writing instruction class, combined with Demilles' "Hero Education" format of "read, write, discuss". The youth will be much more equipped to feel successful with their writing, as well as gain their own writing voice & personal "why" to even write in the first place...not to mention all of the "how to's" or mechanics, that go into writing.  The youth will be reading one of the classics on the list we will be sending out, every other week, for a total of 6 books this first semester. The general format throughout the first semester, week to week is: writing instruction/activities, read, colloquia, write paper, discuss, repeat. However, it is going to be anything but repetitive (as in boring or mundane ;), with our AWESOME & dedicated team of mentors this year!

Then, those that choose to continue to learn & grow with us, will continue on into the second semester with Quest 1. (*We are excited about the books we have selected for both semesters! We can't wait to share the list with you!!!)