A Shakespearean Experience 

Time -10:45 am-12:45 pm


Age - 12+


Mentors-  Diann Ruesch, Joshua Ruesch, and Jakob Ruesch


Class Fee: $80 

The fall fee for the class includes the Student Manual and the Merchant of Venice study guide  Along with this is included the cost for a play ticket either to the Shakespeare Festival (if we feel the play is appropriate for the youth) or to a local play.    The spring fees will help pay for costumes, props, etc. for the play.  

Class Description:   In this project, we will study the greatest poet-philosopher of all time. The vision of the class will still be for those who are ready to practice those awesome scholarly skills. It will give the scholars a chance to learn and study the master creator of so many of the words in our modern day English language. And yes, these scholars will get a chance to put on a play that will be a whole commonwealth project. They will get a chance to develop their writing and performing voice in a fun and more relaxed environment. This will require a lot of support from parents when it comes to putting on the play. Parents will have the opportunity to help with props, costumes, makeup, ticket sales, backstage, and /or helping with concessions. This is a whole commonwealth project and is our big fundraiser for the year. It's going to be awesome!