Youth Experiencing Shakespeare 

Time -1:15 pm - 3:15 pm


Age - 12+


Mentor: Gina Amodt

Class Fee: $80 

Class Description:  This is a "get to know you" class. We will get to know each other, as well as dive into the life of William Shakespeare. The first semester will be filled with games and celebrations, as well as opportunities to stretch and grow. Some examples are weekly reading and writing assignments, memorization, and presentation, as well as expression of creativity, an ascension celebration, a Twelfth Night extravaganza, and a celebration of completion. The second semester will be packed with the production of a Shakespeare play! We will learn lines and blocking while we develop teamwork as we come together to create a work of "the arts" that will culminate in the production of the play and commonwealth-wide fundraiser.

We as mentors anticipate that the scholars in our class will be good listeners to their mentors and peers and will be respectful to and honest with us and each other. We anticipate that their language will include the words, please and thank you, as well as practicing good communication. Our anticipation includes the excitement to try new things. We can't wait to meet you!

The maximum class size is 10.