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Hero Project 

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Spring Semester 2023

Time - 10:45 - 12:45

Age: 13+ (Mature 12 year olds at parent's discretion)

Class Fee -  $50


Mentors- D.D. Black and Ron Skorupa

This year we will be studying two specific wars and a crucial span of time in our American history: the Civil War (Sword of Freedom - 1st semester) through WW2 (The Hero Project - 2nd semester). (*We will also be learning about WW1, as it is part of the unfolding of events.) We will learn about the realities of these times in our history in order to connect to the truths we need learn, the wisdom we need gain & the real life skills we need now to equip us in moving forward through these tumultuous times we are in to truly have peace, liberty & prosperity, while helping those within our own circles of influence to do likewise - regardless of what is going on in the world around us.


Experience a deeper understanding of freedom & an inspiration of courage as we move through these projects and the study of the men and women of the times. Through simulations, great classic books, presentations, and more, scholars will learn how to step out of the turmoil and above the fray to see the big picture, learn strategies to resolve conflict, learn to be aware of how they are making their decisions (based on fear or not), and what it really means to be "a hero". We are hoping to have an awesome end of year historical site trip if all goes as we are hoping. We will be having movie nights (or afternoons) throughout each semester. Hands-on learning of history is an awesome adventure! Get ready for an amazing year!!!


Reading powerful classics is a core part of this project. Below is the list of books & the weeks we will be discussing each one. Scholars are encouraged to jump right in to reading these now, so they can participate in our awesome & rewarding book colloquiums. *Our local library has many of these books. You can also find many of them electronically (text and audio’s) at no charge at: 


Hero Project: Second semester required reading:

Due the first week of class: "The Dream Giver", by Bruce Wilkinson AND "The Man Who Planted Trees", by Jean Giono. (*These two are short & easy reads, to be read over winter break.)

Due week 3: "Children of the Dust Bowl", by Jerry Stanley AND "The Great American Dust Bowl", by Don Brown. (*These two are very short, easy reads as well, with lots of pictures. They can easily be read in a couple of days.) 

Due week 6: "The Hiding Place", by Corrie  Ten Boom. *If scholars have already read this book, we encourage them to read: "Things We Couldn't Say", by Diet Eman. We will be discussing both, but scholars only need to read one.

Due week 8: "Flags of Our Fathers", by Ron Powers (adapted for young people or adult version - at parents discretion) 

Due week 11: "Hiroshima", by John Hersey (*Look for the version that includes the chapter at the end, “The Aftermath”.)

Due week 16: "Seven Miracles that Saved America", by Chris & Ted Steward 

***For the “Above & Beyond Award”, read: “And There Was Light” by Jacques Lusseyran. 


*Please print off these 3 documents & bring to class the first week of the second semester:


The Hero Project Weekly Schedule


Sample Timeline Template (Or choose another you like. Scholars will likely need 3 of these by the end of the year.)


Updated Class Requirements


Sword of Freedom: First semester required reading: 

Due the first week of class: "Sounding Forth the Trumpet", (for young readers version or full - either is great) by David Manuel; Peter Marshall  (Read or listen to, the full version online:

Due week 2: "Amos Fortune, Free Man", by Elizabeth Yates 

*Scholars are encouraged to begin reading these two books over the summer break, so they are ready to go the first two weeks of class.

Due week 4: "Uncle Tom's Cabin", by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Due week 6: "Across Five Aprils", by Irene Hunt

Due week 9: "Abraham Lincoln", by Wilber R. Gordy (sold at the LEMI online store)

Due week 12: "To Kill a Mockingbird", by Harper Lee 

Due week 14: "The Anatomy of Peace", by the Arbinger Institute

***For the “Above & Beyond Award”, read: "Covenant, Lincoln and the War", by Timothy Ballard.


First semester awards: Civil War era replica sword, star for each rank advancement for kepi (14 total, plus one larger star for the Above on Beyond), Above & Beyond award.

Second semester awards: custom dog tags for each scholar, a special book, Above & Beyond award, *trip.


*We are REALLY hoping to take the scholars on a history experiencing class trip in the late spring or earlier summer. Scholars will need to earn the funds for the class trip throughout the year. We can do class fundraisers & such as determined together as a class. All trip details are yet to be determined, but will all be discussed & decided on as a class & with parent & the board’s input & approval.

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